With our production services you have the opportunity to let us produce your products to your exact specifications and your material – including foil and foil laminates, film and film laminates,  papers and paper laminates, nonwoven based laminates – all delivered on time anywhere in the world. Our staff has a track record of delivering flexible laminate perfection, why not take advantage of that?

Our lamination equipment handle materials 4–800µm thick and up to 1600 mm wide providing you flexible production possibilities.

Our slitting production sweet spot is thicknesses ranging from 20 to 250 µm and 5,3–1250 mm width. Our new slitting machines and quality driven and skilled staff delivers premium quality.

Skultuna Induflex offers spooling. The spooling sweet spot is 20 – 100 µm thick and 5,3 to 30 mm wide. Our spooling equipment is of cours state of the art and our staff have a long track record of providing top quality.