At Skultuna Induflex, we do it by innovating and developing new technical laminates that enable our customers and their customers to solve problems in a brand new way. Our innovation work is based on the principle that anything is possible until proven otherwise. This is why we are just as often the customer’s partner during the development phase as we are their material supplier.

In several areas we are a market leader in developing, producing and manufacturing technical laminates. But our ambitions extend much further.

More and more companies are beginning to open their eyes to laminates and what we can do with the material. it is, for example possible to combine the ability of metal to conduct heat and electricity with the weight of paper and the elasticity of plastic. Completely lightproof and airproof materials that can withstand moisture, despite being just a fraction the width of a human hair. So although our materials and solutions in flexible laminates are gaining ground by the day, we believe this is only the beginning.