State-of-the-art equipment

Skultuna Induflex has a state-of-the-art machinery with production capabilities in Sweden, Belgium and China. We can provide multiple converting capabilities such as solvent or water based lamination, heat lamination, coating, slitting & rewinding, spooling, embossing and punching, everything from roll to roll.

Lamination & Coating

We combine and coat materials such as plastic films, metal foils, papers and cardboards, to create an almost infinite number of tailor-made flexible laminates meeting our customer specific needs.

Heat Sealables

We have several different heat sealable films and coatings that seals towards different substrates at different temperatures.

Typical Materials

We are able to use all kind of different materials for laminations, as long as the materials are thin, flexible and come on reels.


At Skultuna Induflex, we take pride in innovating, developing and delivering flexible laminate perfection that make everyday life easier.


Our materials are combined with one or two component high performance adhesives according to specific requirements.

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