Innovating, developing and delivering flexible laminate perfection

Skultuna Induflex takes pride in innovating, developing and delivering flexible laminate perfection that make everyday life easier. We are constantly improving and inventing solutions for a wide range of products for all possible applications. We have knowledge, skill and a curiosity that helps us find new, better flexible laminate solutions. Given the right time, know-how and technological improvement, anything can be possible.

We have a long history of development, know-how and skill, we keep on innovating lighter, smarter and more environmentally friendly flexible laminate products, optimizing function and performance.

Material and process innovations are implemented by our professional team working with clients, suppliers and academic institutions to develop tailored solutions.

New developments in technology, research and development will make way for new abilities and materials. We are innovating and developing new technical laminates that enable our customers and their customers to solve problems in a brand new way. Our innovation work is based on the principle that anything is possible until proven otherwise. This is why we are just as often the customer’s partner during the development phase as we are their material supplier.

In close cooperation with our customers we work with

  • Analysis of customers’ requests
  • Choice of right raw materials and manufacturing method
  • Sampling
  • Industrial trials

Skultuna Induflex has flexibility in support and easy access to R&D. In cooperation with us, it is easy to get started with new project and receive samples. We have short lead times for trials and have the possibility to make small quantities for first trial orders

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