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Foils for bushings

Foils for bushings

Flexible laminates for effective insulation

Skultuna Induflex innovates and delivers coated foils and technical flexible laminates for a wide variety of products which feature properties that make it possible to improve and solve problems in new ways. We continuously improve and develop new applications to meet, and raise, the standards in our fields in close cooperation with our customers.

Foils for bushings

Skultuna Induflex has a close cooperation with well-known bushing manufacturers and supply foils worldwide for oil impregnated paper (OIP), resin impregnated paper (RIP), we are also able to supply foils for resin impregnated fleece (RIF) and resin impregnated syntetic (RIS) as well as other types of bushings. We have the possibility to color coatings and perform embossing and punching.

With our long history of research and know-how, we continuously innovate lighter, smarter and more environmentally friendly products in cooperation with our customers, to optimize function and performance. 

Our innovation work is based on the principle that anything is possible until proven otherwise. 

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Our offer within foils for bushings is:

  • plain Al-foils
  • primer coated Al-foils for RIP bushings to get better adhesion between the Al-foil and resin
  • coated Al-foils for OIP bushings to fix the foil in the right position towards the paper when applying the foil in the production steps.

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