Changing the way how our world works

Providing flexible laminates for products that makes people’s everyday life easier
The highest demands require the Skultuna Induflex quality driven approach and manufacturing perfection. In the developed products from Skultuna Induflex lies a long history of research, tech competence and continuous work enhancing functionality.

Our core business is flexible laminate perfection

Skultuna Induflex innovates and delivers technical flexible laminate applications for products that makes people’s everyday life easier. We do it by utilizing our expertise and tech competence from our three locations in Belgium, Sweden and China.

Our flexible laminates are found in a large variety of products, from cables, antennas and rear rear view mirrors to green house curtains and luxury packaging. We continuously develop new applications to meet – and raise – the standard in our field.

Combining materials

By combining and laminating materials such as paper, paperboard, plastic films and metal foils, we create an almost infinite number of flexible laminates. These feature the properties that make it possible to solve problems in new ways, whether it’s for shielding, barrier, conduction, reflection, appearance and other purposes.

Our company has been active since 1607. With our innovative, reliable, flexible and quality driven approach we look forward to the following centuries.

Skultuna Induflex – innovating flexible laminate perfection