Flexible circuits

Technical laminates for flexible circuits

Skultuna Induflex develops and manufactures a complete range of Cu-based laminates for the Near Field Communication (NFC) and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) industries. We offer a specific range of laminates with high-end adhesive systems which can be successfully etched to produce flexible circuits. With dedicated and sensitive manufacturing equipment, roll-to-roll consistency is maintained within tightly defined limits.

As well as requiring support that guarantees flatness and dimensional stability, laminates for flexible circuits need to withstand mechanical stress and harsh environments. Skultuna Induflex meets these requirements by using different types of plastic film such as PEN, PI and heat stabilized PET according to customers’ demands.

Our cover materials are used for many purposes, including protection of circuits and correspond to our other laminates for flexible circuits. We have the possibility to make cover materials with different thicknesses and heat sealable layers according to customers’ requests.

Skultuna Induflex is known for developing advanced customized flexible technical laminates.

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