Cable shielding

Shielding cable tapes to perfection

Skultuna Induflex is a major supplier of cable shielding materials to the global cable manufacturing market. Products range from High Voltage (HV) paper-based insulations or Medium Voltage (MV) copper copol waterblocking screens to tiny automotive wirings. We deliver consistent quality with flexibility and reliability to our customers.

We are specialists in shielding cable tapes of various kinds: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding for data and coaxial cables, subsea cable screen and automotive applications. We produce materials to your specifications from thin Al/PET laminates to thick Copper Copolymer coated tapes.
We supply materials as pads, spools or master rolls as required and can add additional coating systems including lubrication, corrosion and fire-resistant coatings.

We are specialized in heat sealable solutions, both coatings and films, and offer in-house sealability testing on products to provide the best possible solution.

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