Energy &
Climate Control

Energy and climate control with flexible laminates

Approximately two-thirds of all energy is used for the heating or cooling of houses. Thus energy and climate control are important in terms of our climate and the environment.

Our laminate solutions are used for indoor climate control and to save energy in structures. The concept and materials can be developed and adapted to better suit today’s homes, offices and industrial buildings.

We can produce flexible laminates for reflection, absorption, heat emission and heat transmission. Our laminates can be found in greenhouse applications with heat and lighting control curtains, floor heating, insulation foils for solar energy, in sensors and many other applications.


Skultuna Induflex offers flexible laminates for indoor and outdoor applications with high reflectance. These materials can be used, for example, in solar collectors, heaters, solar cookers, photovoltaic modules, lighting, light fittings, heating elements and other products for climate control.


We can manufacture flexible laminates with high absorption  and relatively low emissions, which can be used as the selective surface in solar collectors for buildings and swimming pools and other solar energy applications.

Heat emission and heat transmission

By combining different films and different metal foils we can manufacture flexible laminates with specific characteristics in terms of emission and transmission of heat. These materials can be used in a wide range of products.

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