Skultuna Induflex offers slitting and rewinding services that support a variety of materials. The ideal range for slitting and rewinding is thicknesses ranging from 20 µm to 250 µm. We deliver pads, discs and rolls in narrow widths from 10 mm up to 1250 mm.


Skultuna Induflex offers long lengths spooling of various materials, optimizing productivity by reducing downtime for the end-user. The ideal range is 20-100 µm thick and we can handle widths from as narrow 5,3 mm, up to 30 mm.


Embossing creates a structure in laminates by allowing designs to be raised and depressed into the material. Embossing is a subtle way to add class, draw attention or give laminates improved functions, such as forming/folding. Skultuna Induflex offers four different types of embossing structures: linen, damask, orange and granite patterns.


Skultuna Induflex offers punching of materials and laminates from roll-to-roll. A series of either needle punched or hole punched circles are created in the materials or laminates. Punching laminates can give improved properties, such as breathable laminates, reduced appearance of bubbles in heat, and conductivity in z-direction.


Our sheeting equipment can sheet cardboard and thicker raw materials and laminates from rolls into sheets in dimensions (length x width) from 590 x 390 mm up to 1800 x 1600 mm, with stacking capabilities.

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