Products & solutions

Our applications are found in a wide variety of products, from cables, antennas and rearview mirrors to greenhouse curtains and luxury packaging. We continuously develop new laminates to improve the performance of our clients’ products using our know-how and ability to deliver high quality flexible laminates.

Antennas, RFID & heating elements

Skultuna Induflex offers a dedicated range of flexible, Cu-based and Al-based laminates, etched by customers for antennas, heating elements, RFID and other products.

Insulation, barrier & shielding

With our proven technology in lamination and our know-how in coatings and adhesives, we can guarantee adequate laminates for insulation, barrier and shielding.

Flexible circuits

Skultuna Induflex develops and manufactures a complete range of Cu-laminates, etched by customers for the NFC and FPC industries.

Food approved paper-based laminates

At Skultuna Induflex, we are experienced in developing, manufacturing and supplying thin flexible laminates with materials and barrier properties specially suited to and approved for foodstuffs.

Cable shielding

Skultuna Induflex is a major supplier of cable shielding materials to the global cable manufacturing market.


Skultuna Induflex has experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying flexible laminates designed for packaging, such as boxes and pouches.

Energy & climate control

Our laminate solutions are used for a variety of purposes, including indoor climate control and to save energy in structures.

Special laminates

We take pride in innovating and delivering flexible laminate perfection that makes everyday life easier.

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