Our Business

Skultuna Induflex is specialized in flexible laminates, offering lamination service at 3 different locations

At Skultuna Induflex, we take pride in developing, manufacturing and delivering flexible laminate perfection, constantly improving and inventing solutions for a wide range of products, from food packaging to antennas, cable shielding and insulation materials. In several areas we are a market leader in developing and manufacturing technical laminates, but our ambitions extend much further.

With our long history of research, know-how and skills, we continuously innovate lighter, smarter and more environmentally friendly flexible laminate products, focusing on optimizing function and performance.

Skultuna Induflex is a consolidated unit within the Fairford Group with focus on growth and innovation. We are continuously investing in capacity and new opportunities.

Our production capabilities include laminating, coating, slitting, spooling, embossing and punching, everything from roll-to-roll. We conduct ongoing research into better flexible lamination solutions and strive to deliver laminate perfection to major manufacturers worldwide. Our customers are active in the cable industry, handheld devices, heating foils, busbar insulation, automotive, packaging and many other areas.

What makes Skultuna Induflex unique is our extensive knowledge of laminating thin materials to improve or obtain new functions with focus on the environment, sustainability and safety. Also, our close cooperation with customers and our commitment to put their results first leads to commercial success.

We are ready for the future, with new demands, needs and we are here to make it happen.

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