Technical laminates for antennas, RFID and heating elements

Skultuna Induflex offers a dedicated range of flexible Cu-based and Al-based 
laminates in combination with PET, PEN or PI as support to guarantee dimensional stability for etched products. We cover a wide range of temperature resistant laminates from standard up to high temperature properties. The etched laminates can be used for antenna circuits in mobile phones, for outdoor applications and other hand-held devices, heating elements for, e.g., rearview mirrors and
RFID-tags, etc.

Our cover materials are used for many purposes, including protection of circuits and correspond to our other laminates for RFID, LED, antennas and heaters. We have the possibility to make cover materials with different thicknesses and heat sealable layers according to customers’ requests.

This has resulted in unique knowhow and experience of how to combine conductive and supporting materials in order to produce technical laminates with the properties and performance to meet our customers’ needs.

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