At Skultuna Induflex, we are specialists in shielding cable tapes of various kinds: EMI shielding for data and coaxial cables, subsea cable screen and automotive applications. We produce materials to your specifications from thin Al/PET laminates to thick Copper Copolymer coated tapes. We supply materials as pads, spools or master rolls as required and can add additional coating systems including lubrication, corrosion and fire resistance coatings. We specialize in heat sealable solutions, both coating and films and offer in house salability testing on your products to provide best possible solution.

As a leading supplier of specialty materials, we understand the challenges of new product development. In a world striving to develop smaller, lighter, faster, safer, more reliable and more innovative ways to do just about everything – Skultuna Induflex is here to help you achieving products that makes the end users life easier.